UK-based fintech startup that provides new model of cashless payments using credit card and brings new vision for person spend. Customers use a special Mastercard linked to all their accounts, all of which can be managed centrally from the mobile app. The Mastercard used to make payments is linked to a default card, which can be changed at any time via the app. The service can be used anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard.


Our team is in charge of building effective payment transaction management component, friendly and frictionless user onboarding flow, deep and precise spend analytics.
Main requirements are :
• Fast and smooth graphics and controls
• Effective data management
• Trouble-proof network communication mechanism
• Apple aligned UI & UX
• Deep analytics of app usage.


• We bring modern reactive approach for database management : Realm database which allows us to easily manage large amounts of data such as user transactions, receipts and notes.
• Custom view components designed for better user experienced are used at the frontmost edge of the application.
• All screen transitions and user interactions are animated using full range of Apple custom animation possibilities.
• Several popular services such as Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Apptimize, Snowplow are integrated with the application to provide all kinds of usage data.


The application has been successfully released and demonstrates constant usage growth as well as perfect user feedback. This gives an opportunity for our customer to raise new investments and efficiently develop their business.

Tools and technologies

Apple iOS SDK, UIKit, Core Foundation, Core Graphics, Core Media, Fabric, Realm, Google Analytics, CardIO, Mixpanel, Apptimize, Snowplow.