Our Digital Currency/Blockchain R&D team has been working on several experimental projects (proof of concept), doing blockchain technology research and development for our client - global custodial services and investment management company, a member of R3 Consortium. On the first stages of the DCR/Blockchain Project, our R&D team studied blockchain technology applicable to tracking and clearing financial transactions, and the ways blockchain can be integrated with Client’s legacy application framework, also, future shared ledgers and smart contracts implementation in Client’s infrastructure.

BlockChain Gateway project

Gateway consist of web applications which utilize target blockchain endpoints and provide UI for different blockchain specific operations to end corporate user. Idea behind gateway is to apply financial organization rules and policies to blockchain transactions (e.g. bitcoin and ripple transactions) and isolate Client’s employees from decentralized networks complexity (e.g. crypto keys, wallets, mining and running nodes). Primary tech stacks are Java (Java 8, gRPC) Cassandra, JavaScript (ReactJS).

Commercial papers marketplace proof of concept using IBM Open Blockchain

We built cluster of validating and non-validating nodes which serve as private blockchain lab for the marketplace. Marketplace service has microservices architecture and uses following technologies:

  • Golang for smart contracts and business logic
  • Java for REST API endpoint
  • Cassandra for data storage

System provides HTTP API for commercial papers creation, distribution and transaction history monitoring using smart contracts, which executes fulfillment of obligations. GUI of OBC Marketplace was implemented as a part of Blockchain Gateway.

Proof of concept for documents storage system

The idea of the project was in distributed storage development with proof of file/document existence. System is a Bitcoin fork which contains magnet links to files and files signature instead of BTC currency value in transactions so that each file can be found and verified in permissioned torrent network. Files are encrypted with internal enterprise Security Framework. Tech stack florincoin, c++, java8, libtorrent lib, oracle11.

Ripple network analysis tool development

This is a business analysis project and its aim is to setup Ripple validation node which participates in Ripple distributed network as a typical node, however collects all data for analysis purpose so that Ripple network’s other nodes, market state and other data can be used for market research. We built HTTP and web-sockets API for this node and a number of reporting services. Main tech stack includes Python, NodeJS, C++, R Lang, Java, Oracle 11.

Trade capture system

Main idea of the system is to create immutable storage of info related to trades and empower it with the sophisticated mechanics of access rights division. System provides transactions audit functionality and uses cascade access rights (1,2..n level of access key) where user can get as much info about transaction as corresponding key level allows. System uses Hyperledger blockchain and stores access rights at smart contracts.

Major tasks of our Digital Currency/Blockchain R&D team on the projects:

  • Prototypes/Demos implementation for financial transactions in blockchain
  • Transaction invokers (clients) implementation - creating account, creating Open Blockchain commercial papers, creating Open Blockchain transactions
  • Blockchain integration with legacy application framework
  • Customizations for various blockchain clients including Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin, IBM Open Blockchain(OBC), Hyperledger /Linux Foundation Open Ledger
  • Investigating and gathering statistics for digital currencies markets: Bitcoin, Ripple
  • Proof of Existence concept implementation for immutable file storage.
  • Creation of services that can monitor trades specified in Cassandra, and submit or extract the corresponding transactions into/from Bitcoin or Ripple

Possible blockchain fields of application

1. Capital Markets

  • FX
  • International payments
  • Letter-of-credit
  • Futures commission merchant
  • Credit operations
  • OTC derivatives clearing
  • Stock trading
  • Guarantee managemement

2. Consumer Finance

  • Consumer credit operations
  • Cost reduction of savings accounts for clients
  • Foreign money transfer
  • Conditional deposits
  • Insurance / Reinsurance
  • Mortgage deals verification
  • Mortgage operations
  • Fair crediting

3. Banking processes

  • KYC service
  • Clients engagement
  • Settlements
  • Audit

Tools and Environment:

Java 8, Python, C++, Golang, R, JavaScript
Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Berkeley DB, Oracle DB 12
Bash, Docker, Vagrant


IBM Open Blockchain,Hyperledger, Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Factom, Chain, Eris, Intel Sawtooth