Step 1. Send us project related information you have. We will start analysing it and drive communication with you in order to get good project understanding.

Step 2. Once we have a clear picture of your project or its first release (MVP) we will build a list of tasks. We call them 'user-stories'. Here is an example:

As a user I can click 'Forgot my password' link so that I see password restore page.

These stories can be estimated in some abstract 'points' fairly quickly. One point for smallest story. Two points for twice more complex story etc.

Step 3. List of stories is our scope of work and you can make its review in order to confirm that we are all on the same page. Later you can use them as a check list for work acceptance.

Step 4. At this step we can split work on two weeks long sprints, make decision on team participants, determine budget and time frame. Final proposal has fixed deadline and budget but some flexibility in scope. This means that you will be able to add some tasks on the fly in exchange to removing tasks with the comparable complexity. Agreement is an output of this step.

Step 5. We are doing work iteratively and make demo to you each two weeks. Demo consist of user stories from estimate and they are test scenarios for work acceptance.

Step 6. Live

Step 7. Optionally, agreement for maintenance and support, SLA.