UK-based engineering company, specializing in development of mechanical tools and electronics for oil and gas industry. Over recent years, their emerging and most challenging activity was the full featured innovative system development for directional drilling. The system includes both equipment and software and can handle the whole scope of work in oilfield (including planning, data acquisition and analysis, drilling).


The InSoft Engineering was in charge of distributed system for directional drilling development. Main requirements were:

  • Near real time monitoring and equipment control
  • Distributed system, which allows performing real time monitoring and analysis from distributed offices globally
  • System has to handle large amount of data (more than one month of continuous work, more than 100 measurements per second)
  • Open and popular data format of communications (compatible with different platforms and different types of client applications).


First of all communications and data storage subsystems were developed. They are based on:

  • AMQP messaging brokers (RabbitMQ) and message oriented middleware for various clients
  • Google protobuffer as a common communication format of the system
  • Both local and cloud (Microsoft Azure) WCF services for historical data
  • Additional RabbitMQ module that translates equipment commands (from CANBus to AMQP/protobuffer)

Further development includes 8 desktop applications for monitoring and equipment control, 3 desktop applications for historical data analysis and 2 web applications for job planning and system management.

As a result of cooperation the customer received system, which is:

  • Fast and lightweight due to modular approach and AMQP pub\sub schemes
  • Convenient and user-friendly due to fully customizable and responsive .NET WPF user interfaces
  • Expandable due to AMQP openness and WCF versatility


Finally, the system was delivered to customer and oilfield tests were conducted. The solution was recognized to be effective and the system currently used in oilfield operations.

Tools and technologies

AMQP/RabbitMQ, Google protobuffer, .NET Framework, WCF, ASP.NET MVC, WPF