Custom web development

We help startups and large companies to get online for more then 5 years already. Usually, these are SPA type (Single Page Applications) web projects which are based on JavaScript tech stack. Last two years, we and our customers in love with ReactJS (open source framework from Facebook) which is solid ground for super quick and modern web applications.

We work with different domains and industries but main focus at custom web apps with ecommerce component since we know specifics and needs of online retail. And furthermore, we have a number of polished and proved solutions for this industry.

Native and hybrid mobile apps

Hybrid mobile apps (React-native) are widely in use due to their cross platform nature and rapid development cycle. Native SDKs (Android and iOS SDK) is a weapon of choice for projects which are sensitive to fast UI and are using equipment heavily. We are doing both types of development and would help you to choose right tech-stack for your mobile app.

Industry specific systems

Multicomponent systems for realtime/historical data processing and wide range of interfaces for client applications that is what we are building for our customers from Oil&Gas and Financial industries. We are proud to say that some oilfields and fintech servers are enpowered with our code.