Project purpose

Creation of world’s first connected marketplace for independent coffee roasters and coffee lovers - this is the idea we were asked to implement. Our customer - SPINN - is a growing american company which makes wifi connected coffee machines with patented centrifugal technology. In addition to machines selling they decided to create Spinn Marketplace, which supposed to make beans ordering process easier (or even automatic!).



The web site should become a clear and functional platform for both roasters - to register and start selling their beans directly to the customers - and for buyers - to create simple orders and receive their favorite roasts.
To reach these goals we needed to develop three separate site flows: market for buyers, dashboard for roasters and also super admin panel for SPINN administrators.


The storage and manipulation with data was implemented on the basis of the cloud ecommerce platform ( All the payments are being made using Stripe system ( that allows fast money transaction between SPINN admin account and roasters connected accounts.

As far as different site users should be allowed to visit different set of pages we separated them by user groups - roaster, admin or buyer - each has its number of rights.

Roaster dashboard - contains full settings for roaster profile and payment info. It also allows roaster to make changes to their beans and process orders received.


Super Admin panel - allows viewing all the marketplace orders, beans, roasters, coffee credits and send custom email notifications if needed. SPINN administrators are also allowed to sign in as any roaster and make changes to the profile if he/she needs help.


Buyer view:


Thanks to simple filtering by tasting notes, grind types or coffee origins users are able to order exactly the taste they need. Also there is an ability to view roasters locations on the map - for the case when buyer wants beans to be received the most quickly.

A number of SEO optimization steps were implemented (such as adding canonicals, headings, sitemap, integration) so that the site arrived at the top of search systems.

To make market attractive and popular among coffee lovers we added a couple of features, that help people enjoy the coffee they prefer, such as finding best coffee matches via Coffee Quiz or creation of a personal Bean List with automatic orders.




During a couple of months while site is available more than 100 roasters are onboarded and selling their beans. Thanks to understandable admin panel SPINN managers can easily interact with roasters and consider their proposals for any 'nice to have' add-ons. As for the buyers - they received a very cozy and attractive web site where they can definetely find the roast they need.