SPINN is an american digital platform that connects coffee farmers, roasters, tasters, makers, and consumers into one global network. Besides they produce and sell high-tech coffee makers with automated, multi-patented centrifugal brewing technology. Their main goal is to provide customers with high-quality, craft-brewed coffee in a single button tap.



SPINN team needed to get fast and easy-to-use mobile app for customizable coffee maker control. At the same time application should be fully integrated with the market platform.


To store and manipulate marketplace data flexibly we created a custom backend server. Our services were integrated with Ayla Network API to implement remote coffee maker control. Above this we were using web site on JavaScript providing huge functionality for ordering and delivering coffee.
To meet SPINN’s expectations and requirements we created hybrid mobile app which consists of:

  • fully native coffee maker control parts for iOS (Swift) and Android (Java) to achieve best performance
  • JavaScript market part to share and easily modify app behavior
  • coffee maker control via Ayla Networks API.

Along with functionality for managing coffee making process we added some more features to make our apps more engaging for users:

  • easy sing in
  • automatic coffee ordering (when beans are running out)
  • automatic coffee brewing based on the set up schedule


Finally we created fast native application for remote coffee maker control seamlessly combined with extensible market.