They have a great combination of technical skills, solid education background with strong knowledge of the newest IT industry trends. Not all development firms have that front-end, user-design knowledge to go along with their back-end development skills, so that made them really standout.

Raj Ponnuraj
President at SRI InfoTech, Inc.

I had relied on this team to become successfull in many projects. Some
of them have joined us in the US because of the criticality of the role they were dealing with.

Abdul Kannachankudy
Vice President, IT Office of Architecture at State Street

I think they were one of our most professional and creative teams from all our offshore locations.

Dmitry Ochakovskiy,
Vice-President at State Street Corp

For our business to succeed we require the help of Insoft to develop software solutions to our drilling equipment and field operations. We have a long standing partnership with Insoft Engineering and we are very pleased with the results of the collaboration.

Toni Miszewski
Managing Director at AnTech Ltd